1,000 words, image ten

2 04 2012

(Tenth in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What do you see here? Think of the saying “April _____ brings May flowers.”

These are drops of rain on a leaf. The monochromatic, high contrast scheme adds dimension to the drops; they almost appear to be moving away from the center of the leaf.

1,000 words, image nine

28 03 2012

(Ninth in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

The beauty of the butterfly. This Malachite butterfly (found the name via Flickr) is doing the busy and necessary work of pollinating flowers.

Green & black butterfly

Short-lived though they are, butterflies evoke a sense of peace and serenity when we see them. It’s a free mental health benefit courtesy of Mother Nature.

1,000 words, image eight

5 03 2012

(Eighth in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

A colorful windsock catches a brisk breeze. Did you know that March is National Kite Month?

Blowin' in the wind


In the United States, kite flying is generally a leisurely family pastime. One of the most famous kiting events in the nation takes place each spring in Washington, DC, the Blossom Kite Festival (formerly known as the Smithsonian Kite Festival).

Throughout Asia, kite flying can be a serious contest known as kite fighting, a sport in which opponents attempt to bring down the other’s kite through a variety of means.


1,000 words, image seven

8 02 2012

(Seventh in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

This artist’s work is world famous and has been seen in museums, gardens, office buildings, and even a certain Las Vegas casinos. Do you recognize it?

Venetian gondola


Dale Chihuly’s glasswork is distinct and instantly recognizable when you see it – even if you don’t know the artist by name. This is a piece inspired by a Venetian gondola and was part of an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2011.

Chihuly’s work is known for bold colors and evocative recreations of nature’s own handiwork, and it is inspiring and accessible to those who see it. Displays may be viewed publicly in places such as Bellagio in Las Vegas or the San Antonio Public Library, or at exhibits throughout the United States and world. To find information about public installations and upcoming exhibitions, visit chihuly.com.


1,000 words, image six

8 11 2011

(Sixth in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

Like death and taxes, progress happens no matter what we do to stop it. The image below may cause you to reflect on an era once considered a golden age. Do you know what it is?

Eureka Springs, AR

This is a photo of an early 20th century locomotive’s wheel and the gear which drives it. During this era, railroads were a primary method of moving goods and people throughout the United States. Today, railroads carry commodities over more than 100,000 miles of track* with passenger travel concentrated mostly in the Northeast.

Railroad museums throughout the United States are dedicated to the preservation of the history of railroads and rail travel. This photograph was taken at the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway depot in Eureka Springs, AR. The railway is a living museum that tells the history of rail travel in the region, which began in the late 19th Century. ES&NA Railway offers scenic tours as well as lunch & dinner excursions.

To plan a visit to a railroad museum, visit ES&NA’s website or www.railroadmuseums.com for a directory of locations across North America.

*Source: Association of American Railroads

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