Hello, and thank you for visiting! I’m D.J. Dammann and do the blogging here. My site, nnommad.com, is a play on my last name and my love for exploration. With a professional background in running businesses focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, nnommad.com is an opportunity for me to share my interests in writing, photography and travel with others. The site is an open forum; your comments and advice are welcome.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to a number of places, including a few far-flung and exotic destinations as well as a lot of quirky and not so exotic places. There is always something of interest to me anywhere I go (Euclid, OH? How about the Polka Museum?). I contribute hotel reviews on TripAdvisor, which is an outstanding resource for hotel reviews and ratings. Below is a map to places I’ve visited and a link to my profile. Check it out, and contact me if you’d like information or advice about these places or anywhere else.

Photography naturally complements travel, and I love taking photos. A few of my images have been published, and a few have won awards. I like to capture images of the same things that most people can see for themselves but with a unique perspective that evokes a response in the viewer. If you like the images you see here or in my Flickr photostream, please comment on what you see.

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My past experience includes hospitality operations, specialty retail sales, product marketing in publishing & CPG businesses, and development work for non-profit organizations. I’ve always had a passion for delivering great customer/client experiences, and that passion carries on here. I’m available for freelance writing & photography gigs and am open to consulting opportunities related to my past professional experience. You may view my professional profile on LinkedIn, and don’t hesitate to contact me at dj@nnommad.com if you’d like to collaborate.

Unless otherwise noted, all content on nnommad.com is copyright ©D.J. Dammann. For information on reuse, permissions & licensing, contact licensing@nnommad.com.

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