Travel checklist

27 04 2011

Getting ready for a trip? It can be easy to forget things, and a last-minute weekend getaway can require fast work if there are pets to be boarded, kids to take to the sitter, or lots of details to be arranged.

Fortunately, very few places on the planet are truly remote any longer. Major brands are ubiquitous and most towns have at least one store where basic necessities and simple clothing can be purchased. In most places around the world, you’re never too far from home.

The upside of forgetting items is that there’s an immediate need to go shopping. The downside is that shopping for basics takes time away from enjoying the trip and in many cities even the basics are pretty expensive.

To make a trip more enjoyable, and ease day-before rushing around, have a travel checklist in your arsenal. Download the nnommad travel checklist as part of your travel routine. Then get packing and get going.

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