1,000 words, image three

28 06 2011

(Third in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Or that one picture can tell the entire story. Art is full of emotion. What emotions do you feel when viewing this sculpture? Or, what emotions do you see in the subject?

Andersonville, GA
This sculpture by Donna L. Dobberfuhl is titled, “The Price of Freedom.” It symbolizes the emotional toll of being a POW and is a powerful reminder of the bravery of men and women taken captive in the name of protecting America’s freedom. It depicts pain and suffering while also depicting strength and pride.

The POW museum details the prisoner of war experience through artifacts, memorabilia, and incredible stories told by men and women who suffered as prisoners of war. It is part of Andersonville National Historic Site, the location of one of the largest Confederate Civil War prisons, where more than 45,000 Union soldiers were interred over a 14-month period. The site also includes, Andersonville National Cemetery, final resting place of the 13,000 POW soldiers as well as military veterans and their dependents who request to be buried there.

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