1,000 words, image seven

8 02 2012

(Seventh in a series of eventually 1,000 images).

This artist’s work is world famous and has been seen in museums, gardens, office buildings, and even a certain Las Vegas casinos. Do you recognize it?

Venetian gondola


Dale Chihuly’s glasswork is distinct and instantly recognizable when you see it – even if you don’t know the artist by name. This is a piece inspired by a Venetian gondola and was part of an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2011.

Chihuly’s work is known for bold colors and evocative recreations of nature’s own handiwork, and it is inspiring and accessible to those who see it. Displays may be viewed publicly in places such as Bellagio in Las Vegas or the San Antonio Public Library, or at exhibits throughout the United States and world. To find information about public installations and upcoming exhibitions, visit chihuly.com.




One response

9 02 2012
Ellen Dammann

Great pic of the Chihuly. His work is beautiful.

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