The store with nothing for sale

27 02 2012

Situated in downtown Greensboro, NC, is a vibrant store chock full of antiques, unique finds, and who knows what else. The selection is mind-boggling, and you’re encouraged to handle the merchandise or let your kids play the afternoon away. Just don’t expect to walk out with anything because nothing here  is for sale.


Passersby are welcome to sit for a spell at the Elsewhere Collaborative

Known as the Elsewhere Collaborative, this living museum is the collection of inventory remaining in a store operated a husband and wife team of entrepreneurs, George and Sylvia Gray. The collection reflects seven decades’ worth of styles, tastes, and excesses. The Grays were in business from 1937 until Sylvia’s death in 1997 (George died in 1955), when the store closed its doors.

At first glance, Elsewhere may seem like nothing more than dusty piles of junk. But after learning the story of how the collaborative operates, you’ll understand that the entire facility is a display of visual art that envelopes you. It is a collection constantly curated by staff, interns, in-residence artists, and visitors who handle the merchandise and create their own arrangements. Collaboration and shared experience is the norm here; you’ll relive childhood memories and share many “hey, look at this!” moments with your travel companions and fellow visitors.

Elsewhere is open Wednesday-Saturday 1p-10p with special events on Fridays and playshops on Saturdays. Entertaining, informative, and truly an experience like no other, Elsewhere is a window-shopper’s paradise.



One response

29 02 2012
Ellen Dammann

What an interesting “store”. If I ever get to the area again, I will make a point of visiting it.

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